Upholstery Cleaning

There are many different types of fabric used on furnishings today and each fabric has its own set of challenges. Many families are now eating and entertaining in their living rooms and spills and accidents are bound to happen. It is our recommendation that when you have your furniture cleaned professionally you should also have the protector re-applied to help keep your furniture looking, feeling and smelling great. Scotchgard is a great way to protect your furnishings from water and oil based satins.

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We constantly get calls about spills and stains on sofas and other furniture and upholstery.  Mainly because the coffee table is the 21st Century’s dinning table.  Many people now eat while sitting on the couch so they can catch up on news, sports, or gossip.  So it’s inevitable that a little accident is going to happen sooner or later.  We’re ready to tackle anything you throw at us.  Cotton, linen, polyester, micro-fiber, faux-suede, and more.  We use a non-toxic steam cleaning service so we can get that sofa as fresh as possible. We’ll clean both sides of the pillows and every little nook and cranny of your sofa, chair, bench, chaise lounge, ottoman and all the other furniture and upholstery in your home.