Area Rug Cleaning

There is a wide range of area rugs out there on the market along with a wide range of fibers and price. It is tough for us to completely qualify the cleaning needed for each area rug over the phone that is why we recommend that we see the area rug in question. VS Restoration can clean some area rugs onsite and ask for a week and a half turnaround on area rugs that need to come back to our facility. Carpet is made for convenience and comfort, whereas area rugs are for design and decoration.  Just like The Dude said, “That rug really tied the room together.”  There are many different types of rugs and each kind needs its own specific cleaning technique.  Handmade Persian and Oriental rugs, for example, often are made with dyes that, if not cleaned properly, can bleed and will result in ruining the rug.  Most rugs are in fact handmade, and a harsh cleaning procedure can cause them to rip apart.

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